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Rooming List

Your hotels will have access to the Reservation System where they can monitor their individual hotel room block activity. 

The reservation system will:

  • Display the assigned room block and pickup to contracted hotels while housing is open
  • Help track and manage reservations after Cut-Off
  • Allow hotels PCI compliant access to their rooming list directly from the housing system
  • Monitor and alert when reservations are processed by the hotel

At the Cut-Off date, Orchid provides rooming lists to the hotels via direct download. Most hotel systems can pull reservations directly into their internal reservation system. At Reservation Close hotels will be notified to download their final rooming list will all reservation cancellations and changes. 




Post Cut-Off Strategy

Post Cut-Off

Hotel pickup is maximized when reservations can be processed until just before first arrival for an event.

While hotels may regain control of unsold room inventory at Cut-Off, we encourage them to keep reservations open for us to continue booking rooms until Reservation Close – usually about 3-4 days before first arrival at the event.


Third Party Support-1




Third Party Support

Orchid’s twenty plus years of housing experience comes with a comprehensive understanding of hotel contracting procedures and the actual hotel contracts, sharpening our ability to strategize and manage filling your room block.

We work with many third party hotel contracting service providers, and are well versed in   coordinating our efforts with any contracting party you have chosen to use to maximize your convention housing experience.

If you are looking for contracting services, we can refer you to our contracting partners and facilitate that process as well as manage the attendee reservations for your event.