• Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Data / Member Validation
  • Pre-Populated Attendee Data
  • API 


  • Multiple payment gateway options:
    • Braintree
    • Cybersource
    • Paypal
    • BluePay
    • Global Collect
    • Payeezy
    • Propay
  • Two choices for Merchant Accounts:
    • Yours - no waiting for funds
    • Ours - funds delivered every 30 days, includes reconciliation and accounting services


  • We integrate with ANY event app

  • Open API available to app companies
  • Our developers work with any app company to assist


  • Registration vs. Hotel Reservations Reporting
  • Pre-Populated Attendee Data
  • Streamlined Registration and Hotel Booking Process



API Access

Orchid offers 2 APIs for clients to pull registration information:  a general API and a financials API.

Click here to view the API Information & Documentation page for detailed information.


Systems Integration

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Orchid can integrate with any membership system or database, at any level.  This allows for features such as single-sign-on, membership valdlidation, and pre-populated attendee data. 


Payment Gateways

Orchid integrates with many credit card payment gateways, including:



Event App Integration

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Orchid integrates with any app by making available our open API, and working in conjunction with app companies to meet your needs.  We do what we do best, and let the app companies do what they do best.


Housing and Registration Integration

Let's make this easy for everyone.  After the attendee registers for the event we can link them directly to the convention hotel booking website.  Seamlessly combining registration and housing will turn your event registrations into hotel reservations.  We will work with your registration provider with the set up, we have worked with many over the years.  If Orchid is your registration provider, even better.